Location has always been one of the most important thing when searching for a property. Being located near to amenities and shopping centres will mean that buyers will be able to endure all the amenities wishes just a stone throw away from their property. Canninghill Piers is located at Singapore River which runs parallel along Alexandra Road and all the way into the central business district to the Marina Bay region. There are many plans by the Singapore authorities to transform Singapore River into a region of work live and play.

Located along Canninghill Piers is clocked the central which is a shopping centre located along Singapore River. It is a popular shopping more as the nearby amenities offers the shoppers view of the Singapore River of the duty near Makati Central making it one of the convenient places to have a dinner and a stroll afterwards for scenic view. Practice central represents a brilliant architecture during the hollow now times where stunning architecture works are done in an effort to make Singapore River and iconic destination for tourists and locals alike. Key central is the one-stop destination for tourists and locals together together after work as there are many iconic restaurants and clubs the open during this time as well as party goers and seekers who are looking for place to have a drink after work.

The Singapore River offers a single view of the entire District 9 region and also it is noted that in modern this history, Singapore River was the iconic place for traits and, is to be conducted see where all style boats gather together to commence their trading. Singapore River still retained this tradition by allowing boats travel along Singapore River in an effort to retain the history. Singapore River was at the time of the most important commerce regions in Singapore and is the centre of commercial activity. Which is also constructing a long Singapore River for ease of access around the region.

Partygoers will also not be disappointed as there are also plenty of restaurants that open up to late at night for them to have a meal after their party. Boat Quay and Clarkey Quay represents a 24-hour entertainment hotspots for many of these partygoers and this will mean more facilities for the residents of Canninghill Piers who are looking for amenities right outside your doorstep.

The Lobster Broth Ramen is a famed specialty of the Ramen Keisuke Lobster King restaurant. Aside from this, there are several casual and high-end dining options in Clarke Quay as well. While the night scene and the dining options in Clarke Quay are amazing, it’s still a place with a lot of history. Tourists visiting Clarke Quay at night should definitely head to Fort Canning Park, which is also called Bukit Larangan or Singapore Hill. Stamford Raffles, the British founder of Singapore lived here. Many graves dating back to the colonial period are located here as well.

Presenting a glimpse into Singapore’s rich and varied history by day and its outstanding nightlife by night, every tourist should consider visiting Clarke Quay on their visit to Singapore.